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Pam’s Story

Following in the Foosteps of Greatness

Pam, Somer (Pam's Sister-in-Law), and Pat (Pam's Mom)
Pam, Somer (Pam’s Sister-in-Law), and Pat (Pam’s Mom)
Charles & Pat (Pam's Mom & Dad)
Charles & Pat (Pam’s Mom & Dad)

The most wonderful gift I could give my Mother and Father I could give my Mother and Father, aside from two fantastic grandchildren, was to follow in my Mother’s footsteps to become the 6th pair of Mother and Daughter National Sales Directors in Mary Kay. When I was six my mother, Pat Fortenberry, became a Mary Kay Independent Beauty Consultant and as I grew I watched her career blossom. By the time I was in Junior High School she was a National Sales Director. I was riding in Pink Cadillacs long before I ever earned one.

Jacon, Chad, Pam, & Katie
Jacon, Chad, Pam, & Katie

In college I studied Political Science as a Pre-Law student with aspirations of Law School and a life of courtrooms and briefcases. But as a junior in college I temporarily traded in my briefcase for a beauty case and started Mary Kay part-part-time, just enough to make a little extra money. By the time I graduated from college I won the use of my first free car, a Pontiac Grand Am, and within a year I had won the Grand Prix and my first Pink Cadillac while debuting as an Independent Sales Director. My desire for law school faded as my career accelerated.

Somer, Pat, Allie Kate, Katie and Pam
Somer, Pat, Allie Kate, Katie and Pam

Because of Mary Kay Cosmetics I have been able to stay home and watch my two beautiful children, Jacob and Katie, grow up without ever missing a special moment, all while earning an executive income.

Pamela’s Global Vision

Celebrating Pam's Phillipines Directors!
Celebrating Pam’s Phillipines Directors!

There is nothing foreign to Independent Senior National Sales Director Pamela Fortenberry-Slate about globe-trotting to Asia to spread the word about the Mary Kay opportunity. To this National Sales Director, it’s just another day at the office. The Mary Kay business opportunity translates in every culture and every country. “Women everywhere can relate to our priorities of faith first, family second and career third,” says Pamela. “I love helping women learn to dream again and not ‘settle’  for what life sends their way.”